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Thank an American Veteran Today

November 11, 2014

Every once in a while, I’ll be doing something very mundane like grocery shopping or running errands when I suddenly notice someone else doing the same thing but wearing a military uniform.

If they’re not in the middle of a conversation with someone or busy with anything else, I sometimes approach them and thank them for their service.

Every time I’ve done it, the man or woman has been very appreciative of the gesture.

We’re lucky to have so many men and women who are willing to risk their lives to defend our freedom.

Veterans Day always makes me think of my grandfather who fought in WWII. He was awarded a Bronze Star for completing a special mission. As the only person in his unit who could speak French, he volunteered to cross enemy lines to deliver a message to France.

When I was a kid on Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays, my family would go to his house for dinner and I always asked him to show me the medal. He didn’t think of himself as a hero but he was.

Now in my 40’s, it amazes me that he accomplished such a feat at less than half my age.

Thank you to all American Veterans.

May you have a safe and happy Veterans Day.

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