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Obamacare Will Forever be Tainted by Lies

November 12, 2014

I still hold out hope that Obamacare may be repealed and replaced with something better but if it isn’t, if Obamacare somehow survives it will forever be tainted by the growing number of lies it is based on.

They said we could keep our healthcare plans. That was a lie. They said we could keep our doctors. That was a lie. They said it would save families money. That was a lie. They said it wasn’t a tax. That was also a lie.

The recent revelations by Obamacare architect Jonathon Gruber are just the icing on the cake. In the same way that the New York Times betrayed their contempt for average Americans by fretting about “bumpkins” who might vote in the midterm elections, Jonathon Gruber has shown the dishonest lengths Progressives will go to in order to achieve their goals.

When Obama came into office, his party controlled everything. They saw a once in a lifetime opportunity and they were going to do what they wanted to do no matter what it took, even lying to the American people.

Conservatives who objected were branded racists and terrorists. Liberals in our completely corrupt media parroted every line from the Obama administration without question. Now the tables are turning. Even some liberals are beginning to realize the magnitude of deception involved in the passage of the law.

Ron Fournier of National Journal is no conservative, yet today he wrote this…

Obamacare’s Foundation of Lies

November 12, 2014 A lie is apolitical, or at least it should be. If there is one thing that unites clear-headed Americans, it’s a belief that our leaders must be transparent and honest.

And yet, there seem to be two types of lies in our political discourse: Those that hurt “my party” and “my policies”; and those that don’t. We condemn the former and forgive the latter—cheapening the bond of trust that enables a society to progress.

This truism came to mind when I read a Washington Post story headlined, “Who Is Jonathon Gruber?” It was an important and workmanlike report on the Obamacare adviser who bragged about the political advantages of deceiving voters, whom Gruber called stupid.

“Those comments have struck a nerve on the right,” wrote Jose A. DelReal (emphasis added), “with some of the law’s critics pointing to Gruber’s comments as evidence that the administration intentionally deceived the American public on the costs of the programs.”

My first reaction was, “No! No! Not just on the right!” I strongly support bipartisan efforts to expand the availability of health coverage to the working poor, and bending the cost curve that threatens federal budgets for years to come. While I think President Obama and congressional Democrats helped contribute to the 2009 standoff over what became the Affordable Care Act, I’ve openly rooted for Obamacare’s success. I’ve denounced the knee-jerk opposition from the GOP, a party that once embraced key elements of Obamacare. My ideology is amorphous; I am not “on the right.”

All of that, and yet: Gruber’s remarks struck a nerve with me.

Welcome to the party, Ron.

If Obamacare survives, it will be forever stained by the lies which were told to pass it.

That’s your legacy, President Obama. Your signature piece of legislation is based on lies.

Enjoy it. You built this.

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