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Remember The Fake White Doctor Coats of Obamacare?

November 18, 2014

The latest revelation about Obamacare from Jonathan Gruber can be summed up in this quote…

Almost awesome in its evilness.

He didn’t mean to do it, but Jonathan Gruber has done America a huge favor by proving once and for all that Obamacare is built on nothing but lies. They lied about how it would work, they lied about what it would do and they lied to pass it.

Thinking of all this reminded me of something Michelle Malkin wrote back in 2009 and the picture in her column. In one of the Obama administration’s many propaganda moves, they staged a press conference with “doctors for Obamacare” and passed out white lab coats to the crowd so everyone would really look like doctors.

Essentially, they passed out costumes…

Here’s another photo of the event from the New York Post…

Jonathan Gruber called American voters stupid and on one level he was right. Anyone who saw these stories and pictures and didn’t know that what they were witnessing was theater and propaganda is stupid.

Maybe you’ve never seen these pictures. Ask yourself why.

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