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Obama’s Amnesty Plan Won’t Work

November 20, 2014

After watching Obama’s address tonight, I have to agree with Allahpundit…

Obama’s words were an insult to the Constitution and offensive to all Americans, especially people who came to the United States legally. By the way, was it my imagination or did he suggest that all immigrants are fruit pickers and maids? I have a feeling the left would have something to say about that if someone like President Romney had said it.

I’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts of Obama’s plan, there are pundits on TV who get paid to do that, but I will say this. It’s not going to work.

If you’re angry about Obama’s plan, take heart in this. It will not work.

I don’t think Obama even thinks it will work. The only reason he did this is because his base needed some red meat to help them get over the ass-kicking they took in the midterms.

Consider the paperwork and man hours required to carry out Obama’s plan. There aren’t enough government workers to carry it out. It’s mathematically impossible.

Anyone who believes they can benefit from Obama’s plan might as well also believe that Obamacare is free.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s plan and his speech tonight were outrageous and maddening on many levels.

But like his 2008 resume, they’re as thin as the paper they’re printed on.

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