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Liberals Still Don’t Realize They Lost

November 21, 2014

Democrats lost control of the Senate and the House (again) earlier this month, but you’d never know it from the way they’re acting right now. Progressives are high-fiving each other over a new Benghazi report which still doesn’t reveal the deceptions Obama and Hillary used by blaming the attack on a YouTube video.

They’re also really excited about Obama’s bold new power grab on immigration this week.

They’re dreaming. They’re in denial.

Ed Morrissey at The Week…

The Democrats are in denial — and they have been for months

n the aftermath of an unexpected and gargantuan setback of any kind, the first response is usually denial. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross lists that as the first of five stages of grief in her seminal study, On Death and Dying: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Kubler-Ross at first narrowly applied that process to the reaction of the terminally ill to their prognosis, but later found that it applied to any catastrophic personal or professional loss.

Democrats and President Barack Obama suffered a huge professional loss this week. And they are most definitely in denial about it.

Dems lost control of the Senate. They watched the GOP extend its majority in the House, governors’ mansions, and state legislatures. The extent of these losses may take weeks or months to absorb for the White House and its allies on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

But the denial stage didn’t start on Tuesday night. It started months before, or perhaps two years earlier, after Obama won a narrow re-election over Mitt Romney and learned the wrong lessons from it.

The Republicans who won this month won’t be sworn in until January and Democrats are having their last hurrah.

Allow them their indulgence. The real ramifications of 11/4/14 aren’t coming for months but when they do, reality is going to set in. Fast.

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