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Media That Ignored Jon Gruber Can’t Get Enough of GOP Staffer Who Criticized Obama’s Daughters

December 2, 2014

A Republican congressional staffer few people ever heard of previously who criticized the appearance of President Obama’s daughters at last week’s turkey pardoning has resigned from her job.

Not only is Elizabeth Lauten now out of a job, but the Smoking Gun has dug up dirt about her and the Washington Post is now doing the same.

The media, which completely ignored the Jonathan Gruber story just can’t stop talking about Lauten.

Kyle Drennen of News Busters reported:

Networks Obsess Over GOP Staffer ‘Cyber Bullying’ Obama Daughters

Between Sunday and Monday, all three broadcast networks devoted full reports to a Republican congressional staffer criticizing the Obama daughters on her personal Facebook page. On ABC’s Good Morning America on Sunday, host Dan Harris proclaimed: “The online outrage over an attack on President Obama’s daughters. A Republican congressional staffer posting a rant on Facebook about the way Sasha and Malia looked and acted at this moment here during the White House turkey pardoning the other day.”

In the report that followed, correspondent Gloria Riviera declared: “Republican congressional aide Elizabeth Lauten is in the hot seat this morning, accused of cyberbullying Sasha and Malia Obama….lecturing the girls not to make faces during televised public events in this Facebook rant, writing, ‘Dear Sasha and Malia, I get it. You’re both in those awful teen years but you’re part of the first family, try to show a little class.'” Riviera touted “Twitter responding swiftly” and cited a tweet calling for Lauten’s firing.

While we’re on the subject of the children of politicians, do you remember the respectful way the media treated the Bush daughters? Me either.

One last question: How is CNN’s Carol Costello still employed?

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