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Hypocritical WaPo Gives ‘Worst Week in Washington’ to Elizabeth Lauten

December 4, 2014

Democrat staffer avoids jail for rape: Nothingburger.

Republican staffer criticizes Obama daughters: STORY OF THE YEAR!

I think this qualifies as what Jim Geraghty calls narrative journalism.

Sometimes you really have to wonder what’s going on at the Washington Post. With everything that’s happening in America and abroad right now, they chose to obsess about a low level GOP staffer who harmlessly criticized Obama’s daughters. They dug up dirt and published multiple stories about her.

Clearly, they cared more about this story than most people…

You know what story they didn’t care about? A Democratic Party staffer admitted to being a rapist this week and avoided jail time for his crimes. The Washington Post devoted one short story to the subject.

My Legal Insurrection colleague Kemberlee Kaye went on an epic Twitter rant about it this week and the story was picked up by Twitchy…


This isn’t accidental. The Washington Post knows exactly what it’s doing.

I’ll ask again… How does CNN’s Carol Costello still have a job?

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