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Hot Air Blogger @JazzShaw Appears on The Daily Show

December 5, 2014

Hot Air blogger and weekend editor @JazzShaw appeared on The Daily Show this week to discuss fracking. Talk about walking into the lion’s den.

We all know how conservatives are treated by Jon Stewart’s minions.

Shaw was there to refute liberal claims that money donated to cancer research by fracking companies is pointless since some fracking chemicals are carcinogenic.

You know what else is chuck full of carcinogens? Weed. Funny how no one on The Daily Show is confronting Marijuana legalization activists about that, huh?

I think Jazz held his own very well in this appearance. In fact, if The Daily Show invited conservative writers on without the intention of humiliating them, I might actually tune in once in a while.

You’re up next, @Allahpundit.

Watch the segment HERE.

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