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Liberals With Nothing New to Offer Seek to Sabotage Conservatives at State Level

December 13, 2014

Talk about the party of no ideas.

Liberals are angry about the success Conservatives have enjoyed at the state level. How are they going to win back seats? Are they going to offer new plans for the American people? Nope.

Meet the new strategy. Same as the old strategy.

Jason Russell of The Washington Examiner…

Liberal group plots to catch GOP state pols being racist and sexist

The leader of a group hoping to improve liberals’ fortunes at the state level revealed on Friday plans to start tracking conservative state legislators based on the assumption that “someone’s going to say something about black people” or women.

The comments came at the first ever conference of the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), the Left’s attempt to counter conservative policy successes that have followed Republican victories at the state level.

“We’re working with David Brock and Media Matters and American Bridge who have trackers that we can send out to monitor the debate on some bills that you all might be running,” Nick Rathod, executive director of SiX, said. “I think in many legislatures my understanding is that a lot of legislatures stream their floor debates but don’t necessarily transcribe it or capture it in any kind of way. And so we want to start capturing them on that. I think we know, someone’s going to say something about black people. Someone’s going to say something about women. Someone is going to say something.”

The worst part is that when someone “says something” it’ll be taken out of context and blown up.

You know the MSM will comply with this scheme, no questions asked.

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