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The Ferguson Protests Are Occupy

December 13, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, the Ferguson/Garner protests that are currently happening in various American cities is the Occupy Movement. It may have started out as something different but it’s now Occupy, right down to the language and tactics the protesters are using.

Buck Sexton of The Blaze…

Make No Mistake About It – These Anti-Cop Protests Are Occupy Wall Street All Over Again

Millions of Americans have seen the video, regardless of the legal issues, and it is heartbreaking to watch a man dying on camera who was not posing an immediate threat to anyone.

But now the complexity of the case has faded into the background. The mechanisms of outrage have taken over, there are demands for sweeping reform to police training, a federal investigation (with no legitimate basis) is under way, and accusations of the most vile racism are leveled at anyone who fails to join the chorus of fury.

None of this changes the facts. There is no evidence, none at all, that the Garner Grand Jury decision, or the Mike Brown decision before it, were racist, or that either death resulted from racial animus. And yet cries of racism- and the need for a revolution in this country to combat it- get louder every day.

Before we can address what these protestors really want- not just vague notions of “social justice” or “fairness” but what actually motivates them- first we have to address who they are.

The protest movement roiling cities across the country has a name, though they don’t refer to themselves with it. The agitators and organizers have rebranded themselves, but they are really just a new iteration of an old idea:

Occupy Wall Street.


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