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Failed Senate Candidate Alison Grimes Struggles to Remain Relevant

December 18, 2014

By going after Senator and possible 2016 candidate Rand Paul.

Noah Rothman of Hot Air…

Once hailed in the press as the Democratic candidate in 2014’s “marquee race,” which could see the Republican Senate minority leader unceremoniously defenestrated by Kentucky’s voters. Grimes’ loss to Mitch McConnell was among the first heartbreak of election night for liberal Democrats when her race was among the earliest to be called for the Republican candidate. When all the votes were counted, Grimes lost by just over 15 points. It wasn’t even close.

If you missed Kentucky’s secretary of state, she was not gone for long. Having failed in her mission to oust McConnell, the former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate is taking aim at another Republican federal officeholder in the Bluegrass State: Rand Paul.

In an appearance on a local radio station, Grimes made it clear that election law in her state precludes Paul from running for both his Senate seat and for the presidency in 2016. Paul has already declared that he will run for reelection to the U.S. Senate, but he also left the door to a presidential bid open and is pursuing changes to his state’s election law behind the scenes.

What’s the end game here for Grimes? Does she think she has another shot at running for a higher office or is she just being a good Democrat by attacking a Republican?

William Jacobson thinks Grimes is just standing up for principles.


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