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Do You Want The Media To Do Its Job? Just Vote For Republicans

December 29, 2014

Our watchdogs in the media couldn’t be bothered to report on:

-Jonathan Gruber
-Kermit Gosnell
-Anything negative about Obama
-Repeated lies about Obamacare

I could go on but you get the point. The media has a way of ignoring stories that might damage Democrats.

If however, a Republican you’ve never heard of did something over ten years ago or ever…

They’re ON IT.

Report that Rep. Steve Scalise spoke to white supremacist group reignites media’s love of research

After being overwhelmed by the GOP tsunami in November, it appears the left-leaning press is dipping its toe back in the water and doing its job of propping up Democrats by performing opposition research on Republicans. Today’s shocking finding: newly elected House majority whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) spoke at a meeting of white nationalists in 2002.

Scalise claims he didn’t know the background of the group but that doesn’t matter. After all, journalists have a job to do when Republicans win elections.

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