Skip to content Apologizes for Their Obnoxious Report on Death Threat to John Boehner

January 14, 2015 is owned by the Boston Globe which is owned by the New York Times. It’s a liberal publication which is utterly predictable. As a New England lifer, I can tell you what the Boston Globe will say about any political issue before they do. Even so, this one surprised me.

A bartender has been arrested for threatening to poison Republican house speaker John Boehner. On its “news” page, instead of sticking to the facts, published a hateful vitriol filled piece titled:

Would Anyone Have Noticed If Bartender Had Succeeded in Poisoning John Boehner?

The piece has been completely changed with all the outrageous content removed but you can read the original report at Patterico’s Pontifications.

After blowback from readers today, they printed this apology…

Last night, an opinion piece was published on that has since been adjusted to what you’ll see below. The original column made references to Speaker Boehner that were off-color and completely inappropriate. It reflected the opinions of one of our writers; what it did not reflect, by any standards, were the site’s collective values. Rather than remove any reference to it or pretend it didn’t happen, we are handling with transparency and self-awareness. We are sorry, and we will do better. –Corey Gottlieb, General Manager,

Too late.

The cat’s out of the bag and now that this story has gone national, people know exactly where the Globe stands.

I’m so sick of the liberal bias in our media.

They’re not reporters. They’re Democratic Party activists.

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