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Obama Administration Sends Groovy 1970’s Crooner to Soothe Nerves in France

January 16, 2015

Remember when Obama supporters called John McCain old and out of touch in 2008?

71 year old John Kerry just brought 66 year old James Taylor to France to reassure shaken French citizens that they have a friend in the US. I suppose Lawrence Welk could have gone but he died in 1992.

From the Daily Caller…

Apology Tour: John Kerry Brings James Taylor To Paris To Play ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ [VIDEO]

Under fire for being a no-show at the Paris March Against Terrorism, the Obama administration sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris today to give a “big hug” to the French.

In addition to expressing solidarity with the French people, Secretary Kerry brought singer James Taylor to play his 1970s hit song “You’ve Got A Friend” for the French.

Kerry awkwardly stood by as Taylor played his song for the crowd, who applauded loudly when he was done.

Ladies and gentlemen, the party of the young….

I’ll leave you with these observations from Iowahawk.

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