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MSNBC Guest Refers to ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle as a Racist Spree Killer

January 29, 2015

The success of the film ‘American Sniper’ is driving the left insane and bringing out their ugliest side. I should also mention, that this wasn’t just an MSNBC guest. This was an actual reporter for NBC News.

As my Legal Insurrection colleague Amy Miller observed, this is about more than a movie…

Progressives like Mohyeldin are doing this not because they’re angry that a military movie made such a smash hit on American culture, but because they’re absolutely terrified that someone they believe is by default a racist murderer (by virtue of the fact that he was a sniper in a war zone that happened to be in the Middle East) could capture the hearts and minds of Americans that progressives so decisively lost in 2014.

Amy is exactly right. Progressives have owned Hollywood for years and crank out film after film portraying the American military as a force of evil in the world. The popularity of American Sniper represents a threat to their control of the narrative and they can’t have that.

Leftists are insulted if you refer to Bradley Manning as… Bradley Manning. They also twist themselves into knots insisting that Bowe Bergdahl is some kind of hero.

This is what they think of Chris Kyle and his admirers…

By the way…

Would you believe that Bradley Manning’s Wikipedia entry refers to him as Chelsea Manning?

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