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Obama Adviser on Hillary’s Qualifications for President: It’s Her Turn

February 2, 2015

Obama’s creepy clown adviser Jim Messina is ready for Hillary because it’s her turn to be president.

This is revealing. By suggesting that it’s Hillary’s “turn” to be president, Messina is inadvertently raising at least three questions:

1. Why do progressives have such an elementary school understanding of politics? As in: It’s my turn to play with the toy. It’s his turn to use the water fountain. It’s her turn to be first in line.

2. If it’s Hillary’s “turn” to be president in 2016, why was it Obama’s “turn” to be president first?

3. During the bitter 2008 primary fight between Obama and Hillary, did the Obama camp tell Hillary that it was Obama’s time and her “turn” would come after him?

Video via Jim Treacher who adds:

Competence? Qualifications? Basic sentience? Such considerations are secondary. Hillary should be our next president because… well, because otherwise, it’s simply not fair.


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