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Ratings Implosion Signals Big Changes at Left Wing MSNBC

February 4, 2015

MSNBC has never had great ratings but things are looking especially bad lately.

Changes are coming to the network according to a new report by The Wrap…

Inside MSNBC’s Impending Shakeup: Cancellations, Reboots and Chief Phil Griffin

In January, “The Rachel Maddow Show” was down 50 percent in the demo year over year.

Hayes’ relocation from 8 p.m. would mark the fourth change in that time slot in as many years dating back to Olbermann’s abrupt departure from the network.

Other talent on the hot seat airs hours earlier.

“Ronan [Farrow] and Joy [Reid] — something has to change there,” another insider told TheWrap, adding that many within MSNBC believe one of the two — Farrow at 1 p.m. Reid at 2 p.m. — will see their shows canceled soon. The duo, who debuted on Feb. 24, 2014, have been major contributors to MSNBC’s daytime woes.

Last week, Farrow, 27, attracted just 26,000 viewers in the demo on Wednesday — finishing fourth behind HLN, CNN and Fox News. Reid’s program — which parted ways with executive producer Larry Epstein toward the end of last year and recently appointed Farrow’s Senior Producer Omnika Thompson to EP — has also struggled, partly because of the Farrow lead-in. On Thursday, it attracted just 36,000 demo viewers.

Maybe Iowahawk is onto something here…

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