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The Left’s Fear of Scott Walker is Proof That He Can Win in 2016

February 11, 2015

There are many things for the right to like about Scott Walker. He took on labor unions and won. He faced a recall election and won. The Wisconsin capitol was invaded by Occupiers and he won. He’s an effective and successful governor. He’s young and fresh.

For these reasons and more, the left views him as a threat and they should. Liberal media types have no idea what to do with him. Russ Smith of Splice Today…

Mainstream Journalists Are Scared of Scott Walker

Not all Democratic National Committee flacks disguised as reporters/pundits are as transparent as Michael Tomasky, who collects paychecks from The Daily Beast. Instead of dismissing the large field of potential Republican presidential candidates as “astonishingly weak” as Tomasky does in a Feb. 2 article headlined “GOP: Still the Party of Stupid,” others ask if a certain candidate (invariably described as “flavor of the month”) is “peaking too soon” in the very, very early polls.

There’s little question that most of the media will, after kicking her around some, favor Hillary Clinton in the primaries and, assuming she wins the nomination, the general election.

Of course, the same mainstream journalists who assured us in 2008 that Obama is a constitutional scholar are now raising questions about Walker’s academic pedigree.

David A. Fahrenthold of the Washington Post…

As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit

Scott Walker was gone. Dropped out. And in the spring of his senior year.

In 1990, that news stunned his friends at Marquette University. Walker, the campus’s suit-wearing, Reagan-loving politico — who enjoyed the place so much that he had run for student body president — had left without graduating.

To most of the Class of 1990 — and, later, to Wisconsin’s political establishment — Walker’s decision to quit college has been a lingering mystery.

Not even his friends at Marquette were entirely sure why he never finished. Some had heard that a parent had fallen ill, or maybe there was some financial strain. Others thought he had simply had enough of school.

Say, has a single mainstream journalist demanded Obama’s never released college records from his time at Columbia? No double standard there, right?

Journalists are even already trying to bait Walker with irrelevant questions about subjects like evolution and creationism. Read Allahpundit’s post at Hot Air for excellent analysis of that subject.

Rush Limbaugh has often said that the left will tell us exactly who they fear most.

The current object of their terror is clear.

The form of the Destructor has been chosen. The Traveller has come.


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