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Joe Biden Says 2016 is a Battle for Obama’s Third Term

February 12, 2015

Thanks, Mr. Vice President. Millions of voters who hate the policies of the current administration deeply appreciate the reminder.

Justin Sink of The Hill…

Biden: 2016 is battle for third Obama term

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee should embrace the notion of a third term of the Obama presidency, Vice President Biden said Thursday, during a speech at Drake University in Iowa.

“I call it sticking with what works,” Biden declared.

The address was billed as a chance for Biden to explain some of the ideas introduced in President Obama’s recent State of the Union address, but the vice president repeatedly returned to a discussion of how he saw the contours of the presidential race.

His trip to the first-in-the-nation caucus state has reinvigorated speculation he could be preparing his own bid for the White House.

What else has Joe Biden been up to lately?

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard…

Biden Gives Shout Out to ‘Old Butt Buddy’ in Iowa

Speaking today in Iowa, Vice President Joe Biden called out to his “old butt buddy” Neil Smith, wondering whether his friend was in attendance for his speech:

“Neal Smith,” Biden said, “an old butt buddy. Are you here, Neal? Neal, I miss you man. I miss you.”

God, I hope Biden runs in 2016.

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