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ISIS Doesn’t Care about Extremism Summits

February 18, 2015

You may have heard that the White House is holding a summit on violent extremism. I have news for the Obama administration. ISIS doesn’t care.

They don’t care about hashtags, they don’t care about campaigns, they don’t care what speakers at a summit say and they don’t care about Obama’s opinion of their interpretation of Islam…

Obama: US at war with those who have perverted Islam

Muslims in the U.S. and around the world have a responsibility to fight a misconception that terrorist groups like the Islamic State speak for them, President Barack Obama said Wednesday in his most direct remarks yet about any link between Islam and terrorism.

For weeks, the White House has sidestepped the question of whether deadly terror attacks in Paris and other Western cities amount to “Islamic extremism,” wary of offending a major world religion or lending credibility to the “war on terror” that Obama’s predecessor waged. But as he hosted a White House summit on countering violent extremism, the president said some in Muslim communities have bought into the notion that Islam is incompatible with tolerance and modern life.

“We are not at war with Islam,” Obama said. “We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”

Our commander in chief seems more concerned with the image of Islam than he does with the people who are being burned alive and beheaded in its name.

As far as the summit on extremism goes, it sounds like something that would happen in a (free) community college classroom.

Stephen Miller, who you should follow on Twitter, has written an excellent new piece for Ricochet on the subject…

Community Organizing Against Terror

In a short span of a holiday weekend, the world watched an ISIS-inspired gunman shoot up a cafe and synagogue. ISIS members also beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya and burned 45 people to death in Iraq. This came on the heels of ISIS burning a Jordanian pilot to death in a cage and emailing American hostage Kayla Mueller’s family pictures of her dead body. Jordan responded with massive air strikes, as did Egypt.

Barack Obama responded with a selfie stick and golf.

On Monday night, State Department spox and Gap sales associate Marie Harf sat down with Chris Matthews, who asked how the current administration plans to stop the terror. Harf’s response was enough to make anyone go full Scanners: “We cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war.” Nazi Germany would have been relieved to hear that, but Harf continued.


Community organizing won’t do much good in an American city that’s been decimated by a dirty bomb.

Forgive me if I sound skeptical about Obama’s approach.

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