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Obama Claims He Vetoed Keystone Because Congress Overstepped Its Bounds

February 24, 2015

The same president who issues executive orders (something he said he wouldn’t do) like he was handing out autographs at a SOTU address has finally found a form of government overreach he just can’t abide.

USA Today…

Obama: Keystone pipeline bill ‘has earned my veto’

President Obama vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline, making good on a threat to reject a proposal embraced by Republicans as a jobs measure but opposed by environmentalists as contributing to climate change.

“The presidential power to veto legislation is one I take seriously,” Obama said in his veto message to the Senate. “But I also take seriously my responsibility to the American people. And because this act of Congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest — including our security, safety, and environment — it has earned my veto.”

It was only the third veto of his presidency, but likely to be the first in a series of vetoes as he parries a Republican-controlled Congress in the last two years of his presidency.

Read more on this at Hot Air.

Of course, Obama’s reasons for the veto are total BS. He vetoed it because he’s beholden to environmental activists in the Democratic party’s base.

Also, on a more cynical note, what if Keystone went through and created tens of thousands of jobs? He can’t give the Republicans a win like that.

I can’t wait for the media to call Obama an obstructionist.

That’ll happen any day now, I’m sure.

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  1. February 26, 2015 2:07 am

    “Because Congress overstepped it bounds”? By that logic, he should veto his own immigration/amnesty plan!

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