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Could Hillary Be Finished Before Beginning?

March 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton hasn’t even formally announced her run for president in 2016 but the recent revelation that she violated laws and security protocols by using private email accounts while serving at State are casting a cloud over her presumed candidacy.

Noah Rothman of Hot Air reports that Democrat insiders are concerned…

Uh oh: Even without media hand-wringing, Democrats worry Hillary is imploding

As recently as January, the only question that interested the press with regard to Hillary Clinton’s anticipated presidential campaign was just how much of a money magnate her White House bid would become.

According to a report in The Hill, Clinton’s aides and fundraisers anticipated that a number of Democratic donors would rush to contribute to her campaign the minute it was launched. “It’s going to be like nothing you’ve seen,” one unnamed Democratic aide said. “The numbers will be astounding.”

In fact, the only concern among those in Clinton’s orbit was how they could possibly meet the expectations set by their first financial disclosure with a reasonably impressive tally in their second. That is what you might call a good problem to have.

But the good problems have all disappeared for Team Clinton. Today, she is engulfed in a series of scandals that call into question her ability to avoid major controversies that have the capacity to derail her candidacy and limit her ability to communicate her message to American voters.

Ron Fournier of National Journal is hardly a conservative, yet today he wrote this…

Maybe Hillary Clinton Should Retire Her White House Dreams

Maybe she should stay at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, where the former secretary of State could continue her life’s work of building stronger economies, health care systems, and families. Give paid speeches. Write best-selling books. Spend time with Charlotte, her beloved granddaughter.

Because she doesn’t seem ready for 2016. Like a blast of wintry air in July, the worst of 1990s-style politics is intruding on what needs to be a new millennium campaign: Transparent, inspirational, innovative, and beyond ethical reproach.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist reminds us that everything old is new…

1996 Called, Wants Its Clinton Fundraising And Document Scandals Back

I know that some of you were too young to remember the 1990s, but this was basically what happened with the Clintons all the time. That revelation of a discovery of law firm billing documents that had been subpoenaed by federal investigators two years prior (the Clintons claimed they didn’t have them) came not 24 hours after another revelation of a missing document.

That document was a 2-year-old memo that admitted Hillary Clinton had, according to the Times, “played a far greater role in the dismissal of employees of the White House travel office than the Administration has acknowledged.”

Jill Lawrence of US News and World Report notes that there’s no backup plan…

Who’s Plan B?

Far be it from me to underestimate Hillary Clinton. She’s weathered scandals, tragedies, her husband’s affairs and impeachment and her own wrenching primary loss to Barack Obama to become her party’s leading 2016 presidential prospect by a mile. Make that a light-year.

Stipulate that the former secretary of state is on a different plane from most other Democrats when it comes to experience, endurance and popularity. And yet, as one damaging report after another emerges, it’s got to be asked: How dumb is it for Democrats to count so completely on this one person? What is their Plan B?

If Clinton folds under political attack or has an unexpected health emergency, absent a bigger and better field, Democrats might as well hand Republicans the White House with a bow on top.

That’s correct.

The Democratic Party has no ace in their pocket and anyone who might step in is further to the left of Obama and as geriatric as Ms. Clinton.

Make no mistake, the email scandal is a big deal and even liberals in media know it.

2016 is no guarantee for Republicans but Hillary Clinton has given the GOP a huge advantage.

Rumors of her coronation have been greatly exaggerated.

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  1. bitterlyclinging permalink
    March 4, 2015 9:01 am

    Be careful what you wish for. With Hillary’s presidential aspirations lying dead at the waters edge, half covered with silt like the Japanese soldiers photographed after their failed Banzai charge across Alligator Creek, Guadalcanal Island, September, 1942, With Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren apparently reluctant to pick up and run with the baton Hillary let slip from her grasp, it would open the way for Comrade Barack to seek a third term in order to protect his legacy, Franklin Roosevelt style, uttering something like it not being wise to change horses in midstream, especially if some catastrophic event should occur late in his presidency, ie the US economy abruptly plunging into a black hole or Iran, responding to the deadline presented by Obama’s imminent departure from office, January, 2017 decides to carpet bomb Israel with nuclear warheads, confident that Barack Obama will not respond in any way, shape or form to Iran’s aggression.

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