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Hey Democrats, let’s talk about #47Traitors

March 10, 2015

Let me make this really simple for any low information voters who may be reading.

Once again, Obama is going around congress. This time by trying to make a deal with Iran on nuclear energy, even though anyone with a brain knows what they really want is a nuclear weapon.

Republicans, who now control congress, sent a letter to Iran reminding them that any deal they make with Obama rests only with him and not the United States congress which has been left out of the conversation completely.

Obama cultists in politics and media, who view any slight against Obama as an act of treason, launched the Twitter hashtag #47Traitors to shame the 47 Republicans who signed the letter to Iran.

The New York Daily News, which spent days bashing retired New York mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning Obama’s patriotism, has now assumed the role of deciding who’s patriotic and who’s a traitor.

The hypocrisy… it burns.

Of course, there are numerous examples of Democrats doing things much worse than what Republicans did by sending that letter to Iran, but those obviously don’t count.

Not to mention this…

And this…

Obama has rewritten laws without congress on a whim.

He vowed to act without congress just because they wouldn’t do what he wanted.

The bottom line?

As Byron York has pointed out, this is a mess of Obama’s own making.


Look in a mirror, Democrats. You set the standard.

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