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Report: Hillary Clinton Could Face Jail Time

March 11, 2015

The left is in a panic and they should be. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. They thought Obama’s presidency would be great and Hillary would saunter into the White House to take his place and keep the executive branch under liberal control for another eight years.

Instead, Obama’s presidency has been a disaster and Hillary Clinton, for whom they put all their eggs into one basket, is now embroiled in scandal. Even worse, people are speculating that Hillary could face jail time.

Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times…

Hillary Clinton could face jail time as email scandal sparks legal challenges

The Obama administration will soon find itself in court having to explain to federal judges why it never told anyone former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used a secret email address, potentially spoiling dozens of open records requests, experts said Wednesday.

And Mrs. Clinton could face up to three years in prison per message if she is found to have broken her word and handled classified information on the secret account, one open records expert told The Washington Times.

The legal challenges have already begun, with The Associated Press filing a federal lawsuit saying the State Department has foiled five years’ worth of requests for Mrs. Clinton’s emails, but never told them or the court that she kept her own server — meaning that her emails weren’t being searched.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has also said that the charges against Hillary are this serious.

This is why the left is desperately pushing bogus stories about supposed Republican treason. The press is almost always on the left’s side, but for the most part, they’re taking the Hillary email scandal seriously.

Liberals now find themselves with only one serious candidate for president and even though she hasn’t formally announced her candidacy yet, she’s already mired in scandal and negative press.

Just think about it. The presumptive Democrat nominee for 2016 hasn’t announced and people are speculating that she might face jail time.

That’s not a great place to start.

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