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Pro-Hillary Group Creates Ad That Exploits Little Girls and Insults Public

March 17, 2015

Using innocent kids for a political message they don’t understand? Check. Basing Hillary’s qualifications solely on her gender? Check. Saying Democrats believe in choice as they oppose charter schools, force you to buy Obamacare and slap the soda out of your hand? Check.

As we approach 2016, you should prepare yourself for a steady flow of garbage like this.

Video via Legal Insurrection…

The stupidity, it burns.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air offers five six reasons why Hillary supporters should be embarrassed…

  • If you can’t find adults to make your case for you, then maybe you should pack it up. Putting words in the mouths of kids who aren’t even old enough to babysit on their own says a lot more about the campaign than it does about the mindsets of the children they exploit.
  • Speaking of which, in the midst of all this cheering about empowerment, did anyone notice that the ad chooses their spokesbabies on the basis of their genitalia and then tells them to make an argument based on their anatomy? Talk about objectifying girls …
  • If the argument to be made is that electing a woman will produce equal pay in the workplace, then these girls have picked the wrong woman to idolize. No, really.
  • If the argument is that we need to have a male “First Lady” to stop exploitation of women in the workplace, then these girls really need to rethink their endorsement.
  • Having little girls discussing their “vajayjays” as a political argument is just appalling. It’s appalling when adults make genitalia-based arguments, too, but at least we know it’s their argument.

And here’s a bonus reason:

  • The video claims that putting a woman in the White House will open up equality and suffrage in nations where women can’t vote. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for four years — what accomplishments did she make along those lines? Better yet, why did the Clinton Foundationtake in millions from some of those very nations while Hillary Clinton served in that capacity?
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