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Can Walker turn New Hampshire red again?

April 20, 2015

The last time New Hampshire voted Republican for president was Bush in 2000.

One of the reasons for this is that sometime after 1980, wealthy liberals from Massachusetts figured out they could pay lower taxes in New Hampshire and began moving there in droves. Unfortunately, they brought their politics with them and a once libertarian state became Mass Lite.

Whoever gets the Republican nomination will have to inspire in order to turn the state red again.

According to Stephen F. Hayes of the Weekly Standard, Scott Walker is off to a running start…

Walker Shines in New Hampshire

He’d been speaking for a little more than ten minutes, telling stories about his battles in Wisconsin to a crowd of Republicans nodding their heads in enthusiastic agreement. Then, in the middle of an extended passage on the United States’ role in the world, Walker invoked “what makes us arguably the greatest nation in history.”

Arguably? At a Republican gathering in the Obama era?

He didn’t pause and no one seemed to notice. After more than two-dozen speeches here over a long weekend that served as the unofficial start of the New Hampshire primary process, the audience probably assumed that Walker had given the nod to American greatness without any qualifier, as had virtually every other speaker.

It was the only hiccup in a very strong speech. Walker guided the crowd through a brief history of his tenure as Wisconsin governor, punctuating the story with suggestions about what his reforms in back home might mean if he were to attempt something similar as president. “Washington is 68 square miles surrounded by reality,” he said, adapting a popular conservative appraisal of Madison.


Watch Walker’s speech at Legal Insurrection.

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