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Chelsea Clinton’s Claims of Transparency at Clinton Foundation False Says… NPR

April 29, 2015

Maybe someday when Hillary Clinton is no longer hiding from the press, she can address the growing list of concerns about her family’s personal slush fund.

In the meantime, enjoy this stunning revelation from NPR. Hat tip to Ace of Spades.

Fact Check: Is The Clinton Foundation ‘The Most Transparent’?

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, sought to tamp down new allegations that rich foreign donors had influenced her mother while she was secretary of state by noting that an international anti-corruption group had endorsed the foundation’s disclosure practices.

“What the Clinton foundation has said is that we will be kind of even more transparent,” said the former first daughter, now vice chairman of the foundation, at an event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. “Even though Transparency International and others have said we’re among the most transparent foundations, we’ll disclose donors on a quarterly basis, not just an annual basis.”

The problem with that, though, is Transparency International never cited the Clinton foundation. It did award Hillary Clinton its 2012 TI-USA Integrity Award when Clinton was secretary of state for “recognizing her contributions as secretary of state in raising the importance of transparency and anticorruption as elements of U.S. policy,” Claudia Dumas, president of Transparency International, told NPR.

Today it was reported that the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations.


Sean Davis of The Federalist asks the billion dollar question…

Is The Clinton Foundation Just An International Money Laundering Scheme?

BloombergPolitics reported this morning that the Clinton Foundation refused to disclose the identities of at least 1,100 donors, most of whom are not U.S. citizens, to a Clinton Foundation affiliate. The donations were routed through the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), or CGEPartnership, a Canadian charitable organization. That organization then effectively bundled the foreign donations and sent them along to the Clinton Foundation itself, and it did all of this without ever disclosing the individual foreign sources of the income.

If that sounds to you like more of a laundering operation than a charitable organization, that’s because it certainly looks like more of a laundering operation than a charitable organization.

Democrats called Mitt Romney a greedy criminal for far less.

Funny how things change.

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  1. April 30, 2015 4:12 pm

    So while Republicans are condemned for their links to the likes of the Koch brothers, the Clintons get way with associating with people who are antithetical to their agenda. Case in point – Frank Giustra=oil shale mining. According to the left, industry (big oil in particular) doesn’t get any dirtier or more environmentally unfriendly that that.

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