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NEWSFLASH: Jihadists Don’t Care About Microaggressions or Trigger Warnings

May 5, 2015

We either have freedom of speech or we don’t.

Count me among the many people who are horrified by the way the media has reacted to what happened in Texas this week. Pamela Geller hosted an event to highlight free speech which focused on Mohammed cartoons. Two jihadists tried to murder people at the event but were stopped by police.

In the aftermath, the media has been falling all over itself to blame Geller and question the limits of free speech. It’s not just liberals in media, either.

Have you had enough of the constant attacks on our constitutional rights?

Democrats are constantly trying to limit the Second Amendment. Progressive activists are waging war on religious liberty and now our free speech rights are questioned as well.

The same progressives who will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure Muslims aren’t offended by a cartoon descended on an Indiana pizza place last like an angry mob month for saying their Christian beliefs would prevent them from catering a gay wedding.

Somehow, no one asked that question of the two Muslim radicals who were so offended that they tried to murder Americans in America over a cartoon.

Progressives will be the first to accuse Christians of trying to impose a theocracy on America and it’s an absurd claim. If they’re really worried about that, I don’t think they need to be concerned with Pamela Geller and her cartoon event. They might want to focus more on the people who were intent on murdering the attendees.

Newsflash: People who would behead you for insulting Islam don’t care about microaggressions or trigger warnings.

Watch below as Ms. Geller educates a talking head on CNN…

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  1. May 7, 2015 12:12 am

    Usually, the suffix “phobe” is applied to indicate an unreasoning fear of something – you’re ailurophobe or an acrophobe, and so on. Pam Geller has been personally targeted for death by Islamofascists. I’d say her fear of them is extremely well-grounded – the Islamists are proving her point. How can anyone (with any sense) label her an “Islamophobe,” with the suggestion that entails that her feelings about Islam are not perfectly reasonable?

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