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Media Coverage of Pam Geller Proves Many Journalists Don’t Believe in Free Speech

May 8, 2015

Journalists are supposed to understand the first amendment; their profession is based on it. Yet so many people on both political sides of American media have shown themselves to be absolute boobs in the wake of Pamela Geller’s event in Texas.

This week, a Muslim cleric told her she deserved death for blasphemy over cartoons.

Where’s the outrage over this?

The coverage has only gotten worse since then.

Look at this unbelievable headline from the Associated Press…

Allahpundit points to a new piece in the Washington Post…

How is it possible that America’s journalism community thinks there should be limits on free speech?

All of the usual suspects are much more deeply invested in ‘social justice’ issues. Gay marriage, monthly manufactured riots and false rape stories are the order of the day while the very foundation of their industry is questioned in the name of fairness to one faith.

Christians get no quarter from this crowd. Christians get ambushed in their places of business where agenda driven progressives disguised as reporters ask them pointed questions about divisive issues.

Then the leftist mob is unleashed.

Here’s a question: What If Islamic Terrorists Attacked A Gay Wedding In The Name Of Allah?

If nothing else, Pamela Geller has shined a spotlight on the fact that there are journalists in America who have a selective and dishonest interpretation of free speech.

They should all recuse themselves from covering the 2016 election in any way. They’ve disqualified themselves by showing they have no objectivity.

If they believe there are limits on free speech, fine.

Let them prove it.

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