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British Leftists Riot After Conservatives Win

May 9, 2015

Roger L. Simon of PJ Media thinks the conservative win in Britain should make Democrats nervous about the 2016 election. He may be right and if he is, here’s another thing we should expect.

If a Republican wins in 2016, leftists will riot in America. Just like they did in Britain.

Christine Rousselle of Townhall…

British Left Handled Defeat Gracefully…Just Kidding They Had a Riot and Vandalized War Memorials

Following Thursday’s unexpected massive Conservative victory in the United Kingdom’s general election, with the Conservatives winning an outright majority for the first time since 1992, some citizens of the UK have been taking the news better than others. Today, riots and protests broke out outside of 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence, demanding that the Tories be thrown out of office. The protest was spread online with the hashtag #ToriesOut.

Check out this lovely piece of protest…

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