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Hillary Clinton Has a Credibility Problem

May 19, 2015

The shady business dealings of the Clinton Foundation and her refusal to take questions from the press are catching up to Hillary Clinton. It was her recent remarks on the release of her emails that did it for Ron Fournier of National Journal…

I Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton

I don’t believe Hillary Rodham Clinton when she says—as she did at a brief news conference on Tuesday—that she has no control over the release of her State Department email. “They’re not mine. They belong to the State Department.”

I don’t believe her because a person’s actions are more revealing than words: She kept her government email on a secret server and, only under pressure from Congress, returned less than half of them to the State Department. She deleted the rest. She considered them hers.

I don’t believe her when she says, “I want those emails out. Nobody has a bigger interest in those being released than I do.”

There’s a lot of BS in politics. The public knows this and will put up with it to a point, but when liberal journalists start writing pieces titled “I Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton” a tipping point has been reached.

There’s going to come a point where a majority of the public views her as a liar.

Also remember this: The Democratic Party is trying to act like they’re excited about Hillary but she was their second choice in 2008. The moment someone newer and shinier came along, they dropped her and moved on.

I’m beginning to understand why.

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