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WAPO Columnist: Is David Letterman Really a Liberal?

May 20, 2015

A stupid stupid question. It’s like asking if Sean Hannity is really a conservative.

I stopped watching David Letterman because of his politics. His fawning interviews with Obama sickened me as did his open hostility to anyone he perceived as conservative. The thing that finally put me over the edge were his sexual jokes about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter, something he would never dream of saying about Obama’s daughters.

Chris Cillizza is either an idiot or completely dishonest. Choose one…

Is David Letterman a liberal? It’s surprisingly hard to say.

David Letterman says goodbye to late night television tonight after spending more than three decades redefining the form.

Letterman’s departure has launched, literally, a thousand takes — covering everything from his impact on the current crop of late-night hosts, his battle against celebrity stupidity and questions about his relationships with women.

What has barely been touched amid all of these words is Letterman’s politics. He commanded a huge audience for much of his 33 years in late night and virtually every politician who ever considered running for or served in national office sat on his couch. And yet, despite that perch, people are generally hard pressed to give any sort of assessment of Letterman’s personal politics.

Only stupid or dishonest people, Chris. Which one are you?

Ace has a few thoughts about this as well…

Liberals: We Just Can’t Tell If David Letterman is Liberal Or Not

No? Really?

You could compare his extremely hostile interviews with Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh — in one he snapped, without smiling, that what O’Reilly was saying sounded like pure “bullshit” — with his fawning, Tell Me More interviews with Rachel Maddow and undisclosed (but obvious) liberals like Brian “Chopper Warrior” Williams and Tom Brokaw.

Tonight is Letterman’s last show. And thank God. I’m sicking of reading media types churn out obligatory stories about how great Letterman was, without understanding why he was great.

Or… when he was great, which was approximately from 1982 to 1986 and barely ever since then.

Up next from the Washington Post: Are Stewart and Colbert really liberals?

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