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Democrat Strategist: Bernie Sanders Rape Column Not Relevant Because He’s Not

May 29, 2015

The clip below is from Jake Tapper’s CNN show.

Democrats are falling all over themselves to insist that Bernie Sanders’ 1972 column about female rape fantasies isn’t important because he wrote it a long time ago and hey, satire right?

I’m sure the writers at Salon would say the exact same thing if the column had been written by Ted Cruz, Scott Walker or any sentient being which even closely resembled a Republican.

In this segment, Tapper talks to S.E. Cupp and Democrat strategist Steve McMahon who takes a different avenue of defense. He says the story isn’t relevant because Bernie Sanders isn’t relevant.

I have a feeling their are some Democratic primary voters who would disagree with him. The video kicks off with talk about Hillary versus Republicans and it’s just as interesting, but if you want to skip to the Sanders segment, go to the 3:52 mark.

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