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Same IRS That Harassed Tea Party Groups Approves The Church of Cannabis

June 2, 2015

In record time…

Hard working Americans who were exercising their First Amendment rights in 2012 were scrutinized, investigated and harassed by the IRS.

Tea Party groups which were trying to establish non-profit groups based on reverence for the United States Constitution were stalled and given ridiculous and unreasonable hurdles to overcome in order to receive IRS approval.

Yet the “Church of Cannabis” sailed through the process.

From USA Today…

IRS dubs First Church of Cannabis a nonprofit

INDIANAPOLIS — Emotions appeared to be sky high at the newly formed First Church of Cannabis after the Internal Revenue Service granted it nonprofit status.

The designation means donors can deduct gifts to the church on their federal tax returns if they itemize and the church is eligible for a property-tax exemption in Indiana. The organization has raised $10,905 in a solicitation but has not found a home yet.

“What a GLORIOUS DAY it is folks,” the founder and grand poohbah, Bill Levin, wrote May 26 in a Facebook post announcing the church’s IRS approval as 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. “WE ARE 100% a LEGAL CHURCH. … All say HALLELUJAH and SMILE REAL BIG! … We are OFFICIAL!”

The IRS also gave the “church” approval in record time, according to the founder…

“Somebody at the IRS loves us because we got it back in less than 30 days,” Mr. Levin told Tax Analysts’ David van den Berg.

How nice for them.

Say, how’s that “investigation” of Tea Party harassment going?

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