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Prominent Media Progressives Mock Navy SEALs At Rick Perry Announcement

June 4, 2015

Governor Rick Perry announced his intention to run for president today and was flanked by decorated Navy SEALs, Marcus and Morgan Luttrell.

A handful of high ranking media progressives were in such a hurry to mock Rick Perry that they betrayed their own smug ignorance.

The dope who wrote this tweet is an editor for the far left site Think Progress.

The Luttrells are twins, so yes.

See more examples and read more at The Federalist.

Marcus Luttrell was the subject of the 2013 film Lone Survivor.

The leftists who mocked the Luttrells couldn’t walk a kilometer in their shoes and the fact that they didn’t recognize the Luttrells makes perfect sense.

They only know social justice warriors, not real ones.

Read a related story at Twitchy.

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