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Surprise! The New York Times Ignored Obama’s 15 Parking Tickets in 2007

June 6, 2015

The New York Times felt it was very important to tell the world about some traffic tickets that Marco Rubio and his wife got over the years but back in 2007 they ignored Obama’s tickets.

Fire Andrea Mitchell has the story…

Obama had 15 outstanding parking tickets in 2007 – NYT silent

So the New York Times is bashing Marco Rubio and has wife for 17 traffic tickets. Funny how this pitiful New York Times enterprise fails to mention at any time that Obama had 15 outstanding parking tickets dating back to the 1980’s. King Obama didn’t pay off these 15 parking tickets until just before he launched his presidential campaign in 2007. Ironic isn’t it? Remember State Department’s airhead Jen Psaki? She was a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign back in 2007 and dismissed the tickets as not relevant.


This is typical. The same media that vetted Joe the Plumber more thoroughly in 2008 than Obama now thinks it can be taken seriously for publishing stupid hit pieces on Republican candidates for 2016.

By the way, has anyone found Obama’s academic records from Columbia or Occidental College yet?

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