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Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Democrats Racists For Defying Obama’s Trade Deal?

June 12, 2015

For the last seven years, every time Republicans blocked Obama on something, they were called racists, terrorists, hostage takers and worse.

Does this rule not apply to Democrats?

From The Hill…

House deals humiliating blow to Obama

Defying President Obama, House Democrats on Friday rallied to vote down legislation granting aid to workers displaced by trade, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the fast-track legislation that had been scheduled to hit the floor.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats sought to sink the package in the 126-302 vote despite an impassioned plea from the president, which he delivered in person during a rare morning visit to Capitol Hill. A majority of Republicans also opposed the bill.

It’s almost like a different set of rules apply to the left.

Check out all these headlines. Note the absence of insults to Democrats…

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