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Bernie Sanders is Eating Hillary’s Lunch

June 16, 2015

If I was part of the Hillary Clinton campaign, I’d be pretty worried about the latest news out of New Hampshire.

From the Washington Times…


A new poll in New Hampshire shows the underfunded upstart candidacy of virtually unknown Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a serious challenge in the state known for loving underdogs.

The survey by Suffolk University found the 41 percent of likely Democratic primary voters would back Hillary, while 31 percent said they’d back the Vermont senator, an independent who identifies as a Socialist.

Hillary is commanding scads of TV time, having delivered not one but two announcement speeches. Her every move is captured by cable TV stations and aired ad infinitum. But Sanders has a hard time getting coverage for just about any speech he gives, and travels with a fairly small entourage, unlike the massive motorcade and private jets that ferry Team Clinton about town.

Sanders is running as a far-left candidate, following in the footsteps of liberal hearthrob Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was boosted by the media but decided not to run.

We’re witnessing a replay of 2008.

The far left base of the Democratic Party doesn’t want Hillary Clinton.

You might even call it a coup.

Stephen Miller of The Wilderness…

Bloc Party: The Far Left Stages a Coup

Something happened last month that mostly went unnoticed among rank-and-file politicos. The ground shifted underneath their feet, under the weight of a barrage of leaked email stories, foundation donation revelations and rehearsed campaign appearances. Hillary Clinton made her official announcement for President and embarked on a hard-of-hearing tour across America that went so well that the only thing people remember from it is her turning up on grainy security camera footage looking more like a fugitive on “America’s Most Wanted” than the all-but-assured Democrat nominee.

Having stumbled badly through four weeks of media trouble stemming from revelations that her family’s foundation pretty much operates as an international crime syndicate, Hillary suffered added insult when her planned re-emergence was dampened out by an energetic announcement from a candidate nearly half her age in Marco Rubio. This past weekend, Team Grandma thus stabbed “F10″ on their campaign system reboot and quickly sought to reinstall Hillary 7.0 as an attempt to tap into the waning strand of rampant populism that occupies her party’s hearts and minds. The reaction has been tepid at best.

There’s a poorly kept secret in the media and on the progressive Left heading into 2016: They don’t want Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Steve permalink
    June 16, 2015 9:36 pm

    Video – Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Announcement

  2. June 16, 2015 9:55 pm

    It has been interesting for me to see conversations among leftists on this point. Some feel like Hillary is the “tried and true” candidate – but many, like myself, disagree with her on important policy issues and don’t want another dynastic Washington insider.

    Who do you guys prefer, between Hillary and Bernie?

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