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Dylann Roof Deserves The Death Penalty

June 19, 2015

I’ve been busy with other obligations for the last two days so I’m late to this story. You can read the facts surrounding the case on a thousand other blogs and news sites so all I can offer is my opinion.

I used to be against the death penalty but my mind has changed on the issue and I now think it’s justified in some cases. This is clearly one of them. If he’s found guilty, and at this point it looks like he certainly will be, he should be exterminated.

I believe in God and I believe God’s love and goodness can manifest itself in people. I also believe that evil is real and that the forces of evil can work through human beings. Anyone who walks into a house of God and slaughters innocent people is evil. Period.

Dylann Roof doesn’t deserve life imprisonment at the expense of others. He doesn’t deserve food, shelter, clothing, healthcare or education. He doesn’t deserve a chance to write or receive letters. He doesn’t deserve a chance to tell his side of the story. He doesn’t deserve the chance to write books or do media interviews now or fifty years from now.

He deserves death. He deserves to be destroyed.

Today, the families of his victims had a chance to address him in court and many of them cited their reverence for God’s love and forgave him. They are better people than I am. I do not forgive him and I sincerely hope he pays for his crimes with his life.

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