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CNN Falsely Describes Charleston Shooter as Right Wing Extremist

June 20, 2015

I’ve been strongly resisting the urge to get dragged into the politicization of the shooting in South Carolina and I think I’ve made my position on Dylann Roof quite clear.

Like Governor Nikki Haley, I believe  he deserves death.

There comes a point however, where supposed media professionals are saying things so stupid, partisan and inaccurate that I’m forced to comment.

CNN should be shamed for this…

Here’s my reply…

You know who else liked burning American flags? Jared Loughner.

Another left wing nutjob the media tried to paint as a conservative.

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  1. June 21, 2015 11:56 am

    I am a constitutional libertarian with strong conservative leanings. I’ve read Roof’s screed, and I have to say he comes off as a conservative. He burned flags (and otherwise showed disrespect for ti) because of his belief that the America we were all taught about, the great country, no longer exists. And you know what? He’s right. By burning the flag he intended to express his belief that it represents nothing; its principles have been abandoned. He also bemoans the deaths of military personnel, sent into combat and sacrificed for a lie – America, home of the free. Every day our government further restricts our freedoms, and it’s not even close to finished with them (the anti-gun hysteria over the SC shooting is only just beginning).

    To be fair, if CNN wanted to show the relative threats posed by various factions in the United States, they would have included a list of registered Democrats/leftists/socialist-communists who have killed since 9/11, and maybe an estimate of the number of people who may have been killed had some of the allegedly foiled (and some actually foiled, like the shoe-bomber) Muslim attacks been successful (certainly government studies showing such estimates almost certainly exist). (Just showing the number of people actually killed is not necessarily a good indicator of the level of threat posed by them.) That, and I’d like to see the names of the people on their “right-wing extremist” list, and what killings they consider to have actually been motivated by same.

    There are mentally ill extremists of every stripe. Unfortunately, every once in a while, one will come to the fore with conservative leanings. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Not because conservatives are more dangerous, but simply because it’s not possible that such people don’t exist.

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