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Do The People Freaking Out Over The South Know Rhode Island’s History of Slavery?

June 25, 2015

The Confederate Flag is the symbol of Democrats who wanted slavery to continue and because they know they can’t win an argument for greater gun control, we’re being forced to talk about that flag as if it’s some new national problem.

The new meme on the left is that the South is racist.

Painting the country in such broad strokes is dumb enough on its own but it also betrays a lack of knowledge about American history.

Rhode Island, in true blue New England, was a center of the slave trade at one point. The racket was called Triangular Trade. See the graphic below…

In this northern state, black lives didn’t matter…

Slave trade was Rhode Island’s ‘number one financial activity’

Few people living today in Rhode Island realize that the slave trade was once a vital component of the Ocean State’s economy.

“The numbers are astonishing,” says Ray Rickman, project director of an exhibit detailing the slave trade in Rhode Island which will be on display at the Jamestown Philomenian Library for the next three days, starting with an opening reception tonight.

“In an 80-year period, people in Rhode Island got rich” from the slave trade.

Jamestown was home to the last known slave in Rhode Island. “No one would ever think that,” Rickman adds.

I wonder if the students at Brown University in Providence who are trying to divest from Israel know their liberal school’s dirtiest little secret?

If you already knew all this, congratulations.

You probably also know the Republican Party was founded to end slavery.

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