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Gay Marriage Was Imposed on the Country

June 26, 2015

I’m not against gay marriage, like Dick Cheney I was for it long before Obama and Hillary.

But the way this was handled today is bad for the country. Why do we have congress if five members of the supreme court can just decide these things for everyone?

People of faith are worried and they should be. It’s already clear that this decision will be cited as a reason for challenging the tax-free status of churches.

I understand why many people are happy about this decision but it’s a hollow victory. The American people didn’t make the decision. Five out of nine appointed judges did.

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  1. June 27, 2015 4:55 pm

    I think a systematic problem raised its head in both the majority and dissenting opinions in this case. We have a system in which the courts must come down on one side or the other, having to choose between the arguments presented by the adversaries in the case. Although one side is almost always wrong in its objective, and the other is almost always correct, this does not mean that both sides can’t make wrong, bad, or mistaken arguments. When that happens, courts are forced to make a decision based on two opposing faulty arguments, no matter which side they come down on.

    I believe this was the situation here. I am for gay marriage. However, I think the arguments made by both sides were faulty. SCOTUS was put in a position that whichever side they came down on, their opinion would be likewise faulty. I believe their decision in this case was correct, but their opinion on the law is seriously flawed.

    My argument for gay marriage has two basic components:

    Our governments are limited in their authority by their respective constitutions. Nothing in them gives those governments (federal and state) the authority to discriminate against people based on sex or sexual orientation. If two people here can marry, the state is powerless to prevent two people over there from doing the same thing, no matter who the persons are (speaking of consenting adults here – marriage is a form of contract and contracts require consent of the parties).

    Government also has no role in directing the moral direction of society. One of the Founders remarked that self-government requires a moral citizenry. Yet, having said this, they did not authorize government to impose morality. (Imposed morality is not true morality. Morality is a personal quality with which the government cannot endow people.) They wrote a constitution in which government is limited to attending to its own business, and not the business (or morality) of the people. IF gay marriage is immoral, and if there’s an objection to government involvement in immorality (which I fully believe should be so), then the solution is not the prevention of gay marriage, but to remove government from its involvement in marriage.

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