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Obama’s Shameless Gay Marriage Hypocrisy

June 26, 2015

Below, you can watch Obama on gay marriage then and now.

In 2008, when he was first seeking the presidency, he pretended to be a conservative Christian on the issue. Now that he doesn’t have to worry about another election and the issue has been safely decided by another branch of government, he speaks like someone who’s been on the winning side of the argument his whole life.

As Ace points out, most people feel a certain amount of shame in a situation like this but Obama isn’t most people. He’s a lying political opportunist of the highest order. Watch and compare…



Of course, none of this matters to his supporters.

The end justifies the means.

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  1. June 27, 2015 1:41 pm

    Obama’s hypocrisy is worse than that. The big lie is that Obama somehow “evolved” on gay marriage. But when he was first seeking state office in liberal Illinois, he actively sought the gay vote. The fortunate thing for him was, at the time, he was too much of a nobody to actually videotape what he said.

    Barack’s 2008 position on marriage was a flip flop of his earlier beliefs. So the odds are, it wasn’t a change of heart so much as a lie.

    Obama has flip flopped twice on gay marriage, once to get elected president and once to get the leftist agenda passed.

    BTW, compare the stunt of lighting the White House in rainbow colors to his promise to “untie all Americans”. Not simply to content to have won a political victory, he had to do the end zone dance as well.

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