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Progressives Are Now Openly Rewriting the Racist History of the Democratic Party

July 8, 2015

Now that progressives have decided that the Confederate flag, a relic of their own party’s racist past, is responsible for the deaths of innocent church-going black people in South Carolina, a great effort is underway on the left to reassign the flag’s symbolism to Republicans.

As we’ve learned time and again over the last seven years, nothing is ever the fault of Democrats.

Even the Confederate flag, under which Democrats fought to preserve the practice of slavery is somehow the fault of the Republican party which was founded to end it.

History doesn’t count when it makes Democrats look bad….

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  1. ScienceABC123 permalink
    July 9, 2015 7:26 am

    Please understand that the “Confederate flag” only became an issue after blacks and whites came together in mutual comforting and prayer following the SC church shooting. Progressives/leftists couldn’t allow that to stand, so they immediately attacked the flag.

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