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Sarah Palin Was Exactly Right About Obama

July 14, 2015

Now that Obama has made his historic nuclear deal with Iran, I’m reminded of Sarah Palin’s prophetic words when she spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Here’s the specific segment I’ve been thinking about…

PALIN: This is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting and never use the word “victory,” except when he’s talking about his own campaign.


But when the cloud of rhetoric has passed, when the roar of the crowd fades away, when the stadium lights go out, and those Styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot…


… when that happens, what exactly is our opponent’s plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet?


The answer — the answer is to make government bigger, and take more of your money, and give you more orders from Washington, and to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world.


America needs more energy; our opponent is against producing it. Victory in Iraq is finally in sight, and he wants to forfeit. Terrorist states are seeking nuclear weapons without delay; he wants to meet them without preconditions.

Al Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America, and he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights.

We can’t say we weren’t warned.

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  1. July 15, 2015 3:53 am

    That’s assuming of course Sarah Palin would have done better. Would she have rejected the Ballouts, jailed the Banksters, rejected TPP, TTIP and TISA?

    Obama was brilliant ploy by the “ruling cabel”. An African American would suggest real change, real concern for its citzens and the world. A new face on the rapacious corporatism that is American imperialism. A ploy to put the world to sleep in the believe they have a good guy – principled, honest, open – in charge.

    Americans have over 12 months to reject Bush III and Clinton II, the ruling criminal cabal will be justified in their smugness if B-III or C-II win. The world awaits.

  2. July 19, 2015 8:16 am

    Reblogged this on Palin SMASH and commented:

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