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Here’s how the Media is Previewing the First Republican Debate

August 6, 2015

The first Republican primary debate for 2016 will be on the FOX News Channel tonight.

I decided to check in with other news networks to see how they’re covering the subject and you can watch all of my findings below. Some of them are OK, some are downright stupid.

Let’s look at CNN first. They went with a blooper reel that’s heavy on bashing Republicans. Al Gore is the only Democrat who gets any ribbing and naturally, they trotted out a Tina Fey clip rather than a real debate segment to bash Sarah Palin.

See the rest below.

NBC News wants you to imagine the GOP debates as a tournament.

The Associated Press features an analyst who claims that the whole thing is going to be a bash Obama fest. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the Democratic Party debates of 2008 a bash Bush fest?

Would you believe MSNBC’s coverage was decent?

ABC News: Trump, Trump, Trump, Bush, Bush, Bush, and now onto other topics…

I would have posted a video from CBS News but there wasn’t one.

They’re too busy trying to help Obama sell the Iran nuclear deal…

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