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Bernie Sanders Wants Money Out Of Politics Except When He Doesn’t

August 18, 2015

Question: When is Bernie Sanders OK with money in politics?

Answer: When it’s going to his family members.


Hillary Thinks Her Email Scandal is a Joke

August 16, 2015

Earth to Democrats: Your presumed nominee for 2016 is being investigated by the FBI.

Is this really an appropriate subject for jokes?

It’s almost like…

Music Break – Alice in Chains

August 16, 2015

Of all the bands that emerged from the 1990’s Grunge scene, none kept one foot in the roots of heavy metal as well as Alice in Chains. Here are some of their classic songs.

No Excuses

Man in the Box

There are more below.

Read more…

This Commercial For Raisin Bran Makes Me Want to Break Things

August 16, 2015

If you own a TV and sometimes watch it, you’ve seen this annoying commercial. A father and daughter who apparently share a competitive golf hobby trade barbs over breakfast.

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this commercial. I hate the actors, the premise, the dialogue and the watered down version of KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Boogie Shoes” playing in the background.

I’ve heard that if a song is stuck in your head, you should sing it out loud.

Here’s the original tune…

Hillary Clinton Claims Investigation of Her Email is a Partisan Issue

August 15, 2015

The clip below is from Iowa where Hillary is campaigning this weekend.

This woman lies so easily. The FBI is partisan? Really?

Here’s a reminder…

The Week in Review at College Insurrection

August 15, 2015

It was Social Studies Week at College Insurrection.

Cross posted at Legal Insurrection…

These students shouldn’t feel bad. The chair of the DNC couldn’t answer the question either.

Speaking of Socialism…

What higher ed bubble?

Campus comedy.

Free speech is such a hassle.

Someone should make a rule about certain words.

This week’s history lesson is brought to you by Prager University.

Presidential politics on campus.

Causes and effects?

Is racism really a big problem in higher education?

Let’s just rewrite history.


You don’t say…

The far left has lost faith in Hillary Clinton

August 15, 2015

Charles Krauthammer recently analyzed Sanders vs. Clinton on Special Report with Bret Baier.

While I agree with Krauthammer, I think we can also learn much from history:

Friday Night Movie – Iceman

August 15, 2015

This 1984 film stars Tim Hutton and Lindsay Crouse as scientists who discover a caveman frozen in ice and decide to thaw him out. Unlike its 1992 descendant Encino Man, this isn’t a comedy.

Watch the whole thing below. Rated PG

Even NBC News Knows Hillary is in Trouble

August 14, 2015

NBC News is the left wing parent of left wing MSNBC.

When they’re reporting that Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Well…

Serial Liar Lois Lerner Said Republicans Are Evil And Dishonest

August 14, 2015

How is this woman not in jail?

Here’s the latest find from her conveniently lost emails…

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